Hi! I'm Megan Staheli. My husband, Brennan and I live in San Francisco and are enjoying 
the adventure of living in a beautiful, big city. 

I originally created this blog about 6 years ago (you can't see those posts now, and you are grateful for that. I promise.) when I was in high school. Now this space exists as a wellness blog where I can share my insights and experiences about healthy, happy living. My mom is a vegan (I am not), and much of my love for health and nutrition comes from her. I grew up eating delicious, healthy homemade meals and it has made a huge impact on my life today. I eat up any book, article, podcast, etc. that talks about wholesome eating and living. 

I am 22 years old, from St. George, UT, and married to my best friend, Brennan. We were set up on a blind date (classic!) while both attending BYU and were married in Provo, Utah in September 2016. 

Brennan graduated in April, we were married in September and in October we moved to San Francisco for Brennan's first post-grad job at a consulting firm. Crazy summer, right??

As Brennan works, I am finishing my undergrad in public health and working as a nanny for two super blonde, super cute boys. I love to run, do yoga (thanks to my husband), rock climb, and travel.

Nice to meet you! Comment below and introduce yourself. I'd love to get to know you too. 

to see more pictures follow me on instagram! @meg.stah

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